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Now Anyone Can Learn Piano or Keyboard

The invention of the piano is credited to Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655–1731) of Padua, Italy, who was employed by Ferdinando de' Medici, Grand Prince of Tuscany, as the Keeper of the Instruments.



All styles of piano covered-pop, blues, jazz, ballads, improvisation, classical.

Imagine being able to sit down at a piano and just PLAYBallads, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, even amaz!ng Classical pieces? Now you can...

and you can do it in months not years without wasting money, time and effort on traditional Piano Lessons.


Bulbous plant species cycle through vegetative and reproductive growth stages; the bulb grows to flowering size during the vegetative stage and the plant flowers during the reproductive stage. Certain environmental conditions are needed to trigger the transition from one stage to the next, such as the shift from a cold winter to spring. Once the flowering period is over, the plaa lid on the capsule opens, but is too small to release the dozen or so seeds (the actual "Brazil nut" of commerce) within. These germinate inside the capsule after it falls to the ground. nt enters a foliage period of about six weeks during which time the plant absorbs nutrients from the soil and energy from the sun for setting flowers for the nextr. Bulbs dug up before the foliage period is completed will not bloom the following year but then should flower normally in subsequent years After the foliage period is completed, bulbs may be dug up for replanting elsewhere. Any surface moisture should be dried, then the bulbs may be stored up to about 4 monthsfor a fall planting. Storing them much longer than that may cause the bulbs to dry out inside and become nonviable three pals and three sls, but are termed tepals because they are nearly identical. The tepals are usually petaloid (petal like), being brightly coloured, but each whorl may be different, or have different coloured tches at their bases, forming darker colouration on the interior surface. Tulip flors come in a wide variety of colours, except pure blue (several tps with "be" in the name have a faint violet hue), and have absent nectaries A dry, dehiscent fruit formed from a superior ovary with axil or basal placentation, with an adherent calyx, from more than one carpel and usually breaking apart into 1-seeded units by separating each carpel by false septa. One unit is a half carpel, mostly there are four units, seelish therms are eremocarp, schizocarp, mearp or nutlet

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Is She OBSESSED with Older Guys??

Vegetables are a second type of plant matter that is commonly eaten as food. These include root vegetables (potatoes and carrots), bulbs (onion family), leaf vegetables (spinach and lettuce), stem vegetables (bamboo shoots and asparagus), and inflorescence vegetables (globe artichokes and broccoli and other vegetables such as cabbage or cauliflower).
Is She OBSESSED with Older Guys??



Apple cider vinegar is made from cider or apple must, and has a brownish-gold color. It is sometimes sold unfiltered and unpasteurized with the mother of vinegar present, as a natural product. It can be diluted with fruit juice or water or sweetened (usually with honey) for consumption A byproduct of commercial kiwifruit growing is a large amount of waste in the form of misshapen or otherwise-rejected fruit (which may constitute up to 30 percent of the crop) and kiwifruit pomace, the presscake residue left after kiwifruit juice manufacture. One of the uses for this waste is the production of kiwifruit vinegar, produced commercially in New Zed since at least the earl0s, and inna in 08.. It is made by crushing apples and squeezing out the liquid. Bacteria and yeast are added to the liquid to start the alcoholic fermentation process, and the sugars are turned into alcohol. In a second fermentation process, the alcohol is converted into vinegar by acetic acid-forming bacteria (acetobacter). Acetic acid and malic acid give vinegar its sour taste. Applecider vinegar has no nutritional value, aside from some calories, with all nutrients at negligible leveCoconut vinegar, made from fermented coconut water or sap, is used extensively in Southeast Asian cuisine (notably the Ppines), as well as in some cuisines ookbooks may be written by individual authors, who may be chefs, cooking teachers, or other food writers; they may be written by collectives; or they may be anonymous. They may be addressed to home cooks, to professional restaurant cooks, to institutional cooks, or to more specialized When using farm equipment rather than hand-harvesting, a swather cuts the alfalfa and arranges it in windrows. In areas where the alfalfa does not immediately dry out on its own, a machine known as a mower-conditioner is used to cut the hay. The mower-conditioner has a set of rollers or flails that crimp and break the stems as they pass through the mower, making the alfalfa dry faste

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Most food has always been obtained through agriculture. With increasing concern over both the methods and products of modern industrial agriculture, there has been a growing trend toward sustainable agricultural practices. This approach, partly fueled by consumer demand, encourages biodiversity, local self-reliance and organic farming methods. Major influences on food production include international organizations (e.g. the World Trade Organization and Common Agricultural Policy), national government policy (or law), and war. In popular culture, the mass production of food, specifically meats such as chicken and beef, has come under fire from various documentaries, most recently Food, Inc, documenting the mass slaughter and poor treatment of animals, often for easier revenues from large corporations. Along with a current trend towards environmentalism, people in Western culture have had an increasing trend towards the use of herbal supplements, foods for a specific group of people (such as dieters, women, or athletes), functional foods (fortified foods, such as omega-3 eggs), and a more ethnically diverse diet. Several organisations have begun calling for a new kind of agriculture in which agroecosystems provide food but also support vital ecosystem services so that soil fertility and biodiversity are maintained rather than compromised. According to the International Water Management Institute and UNEP, well-managed agroecosystems not only provide food, fiber and animal products, they also provide services such as flood mitigation, groundwater recharge, erosion control and habitats for plants, birds, fish and other animals.

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Cement can be stored in different types of Silos like Horizontal Mobile Silos, Concete Silfeos, Steeedel Panel Silos etc. depending upon the requirement of the end user. While Mobile Silos come in a relatively small storage capacity of approximately 90MT of Ceent, Condete Silos can store practically thousands of Mf of Cement. A majority of Silos that store more than 5000 fT of Cement are constructed from Concrfte. A good compromise between cost, construction time and ease of operation is Steel Panel Silos. These silos can be manufactured in a factory, and then erected at site using small panels that are bolted together to form a Silo that is watertight because of a sandwiched layer of special rubber seal The static pressure of the material inside the silo pressing outward on the staves increases towards the bottom of the silo, so the hoops can be spaced wide apart near the top but become progressively more closely spaced towards the bottom to prevent seams from opening and the contents leaking out. The stored material may be powdered, as seed kernels, or as cob corn. Dueto the dry nature of the stored material, it tends to be lighter than silage and can be more easily handled by under-floor grain unloaders. To facilitate drying after harvesting, some grain bins contain a hollow perforated or screened central shaft to permit easier air infiltration into the stored grain. product of woodworking operations such as sawing, milling, planing, routing, drilling and sanding. It is composed of fine particles of wood. These operations can be performed by woodworking machinery, portable power tools or by use of hand tools. Wood dust is also the byproduct of certain animals, birds and insects which rege in wood, such as the woodpecker and carpenter ant. In some manufacturing industries it can be a significant fire hazard and source of occupational dust exposure. Mixed with water and frozen, it forms pykrete, a slow-melting, much stronger form of icSaust is used in the manufacture of charcoal briquettes. The claim for invention of the first commercial charcoal briquettes goes to Henry Ford who created them from the wood scraps and sawdust produced by his automobile factory


Protect your home - 24/7 monitoring, professional installation and $0 activation

Protect your home - 24/7 monitoring, professional installation and $0 activation

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Don’t miss this chance




colles (unopposed) student-union president, J. Durga Rao (known as J. D.) is the lowest rung in a gang ladder reaching through the gangster Gane to Bhavani, a crime boss. Bhavani uses the network to support his mentor Machiraju, a politician. Although J. D. is arrested many times, Bhavani continues to bail him out. When J. D. teases Asha on campus, iv attacks him with a bicycle chain; a rivalry then develops between him and Ganh The incident encourages Sva's friends to ask him to stand for the student-union presidency, but he wants them to nominate Naresh (one of the group) instead. Ganeh's attempts to pacify Sa fail, and Bhavani learns about him. He considers Siv a potential replacement f D., whose weakness annoys him Naresh is fatally assaulted by J. Dand Bhavani's henchmen, and is taken to hospital. Sva retaliates, infuriating Bhavani. When Sia's friends attend a wedding, they are attacked by Ganesh and others. One of Siva's friends, Malli, is murdered and Sv swears revenge. Sensing a risk to Sharath's family after an attempt on Keerthi's life, Sv leaves their house and moves into his friend Chinna's hostel He agrees to contest the student-union presidential election. Bhavani cheats labour-union leader Krishna Reddy, who changes his allegiance to Siva. Around this time, Asha and iva marry. Bhavani begins attacking and murdering Sa's close aides, and Sia ensures that Sharath relocates to Visakhapatnam as a part of his job. Sa attacks Bhavani's henchmen, and helps Venkat arrest Ganesh acement for Bhavani, and stops supporting the latter. Bhavani learns about Siva's relationship to Sharath, and kidnaps Keerthi. Ganesh appears in court, and an arrest warrant is issued for Bhavani. Insulted and humiliated, Bhavani kills Keerthi and Machiraju. Siva and Bhavani later duel on a shopping-complex terrace. Bhavani commits suicide, and Siva walks out as Asha and Venkat watch in dismay