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1 food that kills diabetes


A shocking discovery by a Texas doctor
reveals why Metformin makes you sick.

Doctors are urging every American with
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To your health,
Jim Gray, Editor
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The predecessor organization of Sea Shepherd, the "Earth Force Society", was formed in 1977, after its founder, Paul Watson was ousted from the board of Greenpeace for disagreements over his direct action activism which clashed with their pacifist nature. Watson soon left Greenpeace. Initially without funding and with only a small group of supporters, in 1978 Watson convinced Cleveland Amory, head of the Fund for Animals to fund Watson's first vessel, the Sea Shepherd. The first direct action undertaken by Sea Shepherd was against Canadian seal hunting in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in March 1979. Also in 1979, the group made headlines when, for the first time, they rammed a pirate whaling vessel, the notorious Sierra. Such acts continued with Sea Shepherd ing responsibility for damaging or sinking multiple whaling ships, through sabotage or ramming. The group has attempted to intervene against Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Makah, Faroese, and Japanese whalers in multiple campaigns around the globe. Setting a pattern that the group would keep up in later years, the group managed to scuttle a Portuguese whaling vessel, though the first Sea Shepherd was impounded, and lost. Watson states he used the money gained from selling the story rights to fund his next vessel.
After having spent the 1980s undertaking a variety of controversial and dangerous operations in support of various marine conservation aims, in the 1990s the group has been described as having undertaken a shift in their public attitude. Having previously argued primarily from an ethical viewpoint, from the 1990s, Watson's group now also started ascribing themselves law enforcement powers, using its interpretation of maritime and conservation law, to describe themselves as an anti-poaching agency. Throughout the 1990s The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society had also made a lot of progress with not only with the establishment of their group but also saving wildlife. In March 1990, the society teamed up with others to look closer at methods of driftnet and were successful. 1994 was another successful year for The Sea Shepherd crew as they went after an illegal Norwegian whaling vessel. Sea Shepherd crew ended up sinking this vessel and they were not charged for doing this because the vessel had more illegal behavior than expected. The group started the new decade with a clean up after the oil spill by Petrobras Oil Company. Sea Shepherd helped clean up and set up ways to rescue the wildlife affected by the spill and were contracted by The Rio government to help with this devastation to the ocean. In some cases in the 2000s, they cooperated with official government efforts against maritime poaching, such as in Costa Rican waters, though the agreements often did not last long before conflict ensued. 2008 was another big year for Sea Shepherd in managing the waterways. They took two trips around Antarctica to disturb illegal whaling practices that went on.

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