torsdag, januari 31, 2019

Enjoy heat anywhere with this tiny heater

Warmth & Comfort In Every Room
-- The Personal Plug-In Heater! --

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Quick & Easy Heat Instantly

Now you can enjoy warm heat in any room without spending a fortune on utility bills. Our personal heater plugs right into any outlet without taking up any space to give you a warm and cozy place to relax!

It's the perfect way to add a little heat without having to heat up the entire house. Quickly heat up any bedroom, bathroom or living room! Perfect for dorm rooms & even your garage!

The 400 Watts of power is regulated by the builtin thermostat ensuring your room is exactly the temperature you prefer!
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Digital Thermostat - Quickly heat your room to the temperature you prefer - and keep it there! Turns formerly drafty, unlivable spaces in warm cozy places again!

Just Plug It In & Go - Our personal heater is so simple to use. Just plug it in to any outlet, set the temperature your like and your room will warm up quickly!

Amazing Power - One personal heater can warm a room up to 250 sq. ft. Use two or more heaters for larger spaces and still save a bunch of money on heating bills!

Safe & Effective - The outer housing stays cool to the touch so you will never get burned. The built-in digital temperature gauge is easy to read with big bold numbers and keeps your room exactly how you like it!

Small And Compact Design - With our heater there is no need for wiring or batteries. Simply plug it in to any wall outlet. It's compact enough to travel too warm those chilly hotel rooms!

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It is remarkable that the inner heartwood of old trees remains as sound as it usually does, since in many cases it is hundreds, and in a few instances thousands, of years old. Every broken limb or root, or deep wound from fire, insects, or falling timber, may afford an entrance for decay, which, once started, may penetrate to all parts of the trunk. The larvae of many insects bore into the trees and their tunnels remain indefinitely as sources of weakness. Whatever advantages, however, that sapwood may have in this connection are due solely to its relative age and position. If a tree grows all its life in the open and the conditions of soil and site remain unchanged, it will make its most rapid growth in youth, and gradually decline. The annual rings of growth are for many years quite wide, but later they become narrower and narrower. Since each succeeding ring is laid down on the outside of the wood previously formed, it follows that unless a tree materially increases its production of wood from year to year, the rings must necessarily become thinner as the trunk gets wider. As a tree reaches maturity its crown becomes more open and the annual wood production is lessened, thereby reducing still more the width of the growth rings. In the case of forest-grown trees so much depends upon the competition of the trees in their struggle for light and nourishment that periods of rapid and slow growth may alternate. Some trees, such as southern oaks, maintain the same width of ring for hundreds of years. Upon the whole, however, as a tree gets larger in diameter the width of the growth rings decreases. Different pieces of wood cut from a large tree may differ decidedly, particularly if the tree is big and mature. In some trees, the wood laid on late in the life of a tree is softer, lighter, weaker, and more even-textured than that produced earlier, but in other trees, the reverse applies. This may or may not correspond to heartwood and sapwood. In a large log the sapwood, because of the time in the life of the tree when it was grown, may be inferior in hardness, strength, and toughness to equally sound heartwood from the same log. In a smaller tree, the reverse may be true.

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